Selling Christian Books to Heating Companies

The number of heating companies keeps on increasing on a daily basis. This is due to the high demand for this kind of books. Just like any other market, increase in demand has resulted in an increase in the number of stores that sell this kind of books.

Just last week, The Heating Cooling Co. contacted us last week to help us supply christian based book to their personnel. The main objective of this move is to empower them as most of them get little or no chance to go to church on Sunday.


We met with the company officials to discuss the fine details of the order one week before the set timeline and agreed on what needed to be done. Most of the books that they ordered are best selling in most of the stores and are written by renowned authors who are known globally for their exceptional writing skills and ability convey information in a simple language.

In total, they order 200 books as each personnel was to get two copies. First, it is important to point out that this is one of the largest orders that we have ever received. We earned approximately $2,000 in profits from this deal.

Professionalism, diligence and transparency are some of the main attributes that our services are founded on. So, we did not hide any details from the company and they had no problem with our pricing as long as we delivered quality and genuine books.

After signing the agreement, we went ahead and contacted our publisher whom we have been working with for the last three years. We gave him all the details of the order and he got down to work immediately. Within two weeks, he had printed all the books and delivered them to our offices.


We inspected the books and after confirming that all the books in the list were in the package, we ringed the HVAC company and set up a meeting. On the set date, we carried all the books in our modern van and delivered them.

The furnace repair experts were very happy with the quality of the books that we delivered and promised to order more in the coming days.In fact, one of the officials was of the idea that the company be giving out the books as gifts to the personnel on a yearly basis. If that happens, this accredited AC repair service provider will be one of our main clients.


Working with this company was fun, their personnel were very friendly and supportive. We wish them all the best in all their endeavors and may the almighty God guide them.

Why I Love Christian Books

Christian books have generated a massive popularity all across the globe over the years. This is clearly evident from the number of people who purchase them as well as the stores that sell them offline and online. I am one of the people who love these books and purchase at least two on a monthly basis.

Here are some of the main reasons why I love these books.



Christian books offer an exceptional inspiration that is hard to find in any other book in the world today. This because they are written by authors whose main objective is to communicate with the target audience in a way that invokes feelings. To do this, most of them have images that describe the content.


If you want to live a good life, you need to be as close to God as possible. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this is by reading as many religious books as you can. There is no shortage of books that you can read during your free time or during lunch or tea break. To get a deeper understanding, it is recommendable to start small, that is, read two or three paragraphs or pages.

Finally, Christian books are written in a simple language that is easy to understand and resonates with the most of the readers if you are anything like me. However, it is recommendable to read the book summary before purchasing the book. This will give you an insight about the book, what it entails and the story line.

Tips for Getting Discount When Buying Christian Books Online

If you are an avid reader of Christian books or a beginner in reading Christian books, you certainly do not intend buying the books to burden your finance. Discounts are a sure way to saving money when shopping online for Christian books.

Let us discuss the tips for getting discounts when buying Christian books online.


Buy Strategically

Do not rush to buy a newly released Christian book online. Recently published Christian books often sell at high prices in the initial months of release. You should delay the purchase because the online sellers offer discounts on Christian books that were published ago.

Abandon Your Online Buying Cart

This trick is useful in earning coupons and bonuses. If you are not in a hurry to buy, just select your favorite Christian book, add it to your cart, then leave the website. You are likely to receive an email two days later offering a coupon that you can use to get a discount on the Christian book.

Get a Student Discount

Online sellers favor students by offering them discounts. You can enjoy a discount on the Christian book by asking for a student discount even if you are not a student; furthermore, the sellers have no means of verifying your status.

These ways can help save your money by getting a discount from online retailers of Christian books. Be sure to check the specific details of the book before accepting the discount to avoid wasting your time or money on a low quality product. 

Major Themes of Christian Books

Numerous Christian books have been published and continue to be published. The high number of Christian books makes it hard to select a suitable book because they often address different themes. The theme of a book is one of the ideal ways of choosing a useful Christian book.

Here is a list of the major themes in Christian books.


Of course, every Christian publisher intends to accept Jesus and build a strong bond with God. This is the fundamental role of evangelists, and it is the reason many Christian books address the theme of salvation. Often, these books that talk about salvation share experiences of how one transformed from a sinful life into a righteous and pious person. They can aid you to endure the challenges of life in salvation.

christian books


This is yet another familiar theme. Motivational Christian books intend to encourage you to take significant life decisions. They often narrate how particular issues deter us from trying new stuff. The authors of Christian motivational books apply stories on the Bible and real life to encourage you to face your fears.


Christian writers know that marriages are challenging and have thus published Christian books addressing the theme of marriage. These books contain useful advice on how to solve marital challenges and build a strong and long-lasting marriage.

You can now proceed and purchase a Christian book by selecting from one of the three major themes.

How to Choose a Good Christian Book

There are tons of Christian books selling online and in conventional bookshops. Selecting a suitable Christian book from the numerous texts available is difficult. You need to purchase a Christian book that meets your spiritual wants.

Here are the tips for choosing a Christian book.

Consider Your Need

Do not rush to purchasing Christian book without considering the key information you are seeking. Different Christian books address different topics be it Salvation, overcoming marital challenges or motivational topics. You ought to identify your topic of interest then narrow down your search for Christian books.

Develop a Budget

Similar to typical shopping, you are likely to shop purchase more Christian books than you intended to buy. Developing a budget in advance guides you in selecting a pocket-friendly Christian book. It also ensures that you do not neglect your other financial needs. Different bookstores offer different rates and you should compare the different rates offered before buying the book.

Read Reviews

A good guide to identifying a useful Christian book is reading the feedback from readers that have studied the book. Reading reviews and seeking opinion from friends that have the book enables you to pick a book that provides maximum benefit to your Christian life.

Christian booksnn

Research the Author

The author determines the quality of the content of the book. Reviewing the experience and profession of the author aids you in selecting a helpful Christian book.

These tips help you in choosing a good Christian book. Go ahead and use them to find the best book in the store.


Benefits of Reading Christian Books

If you are a Christian, then you ought to read not only the Bible but also the Christina books. They help in growing your faith and strengthen your relationship with Christ. Numerous quality Christian books offer guidance than any other text today.

Here are the benefits you stand to gain from reading Christian books.

Strengthen Relationship with Christ

Christian books contain valuable advice on how to get close to Christ. They have personal experiences of how to convert from the old and sinful ways to the righteous ways of Jesus. The books explain the common challenges you are likely to encounter during salvation and the solutions to overcoming them. This encourages you to develop a strong relationship with Christ.

christian books

Enhance Social Relationships

The Bible contains numerous social experiences and the Christian books supplement them. Some Christian books address issues such as marriages and building a healthy relationship with the society. They provide advice on how to have a successful marriage and avoid marital challenges. They also provide guidance on how to live a peaceful life with minimal confrontation from other people.


If you are going through difficult times in your job, studies or social commitments, the Christian books are perfect for you. They contain numerous personal testimonies of challenging life experiences. You feel encouraged after reading how others overcame life problems, which might even be greater than your challenges.

You can enrich your life and grow close to God by reading Christian Books. They are readily available online and offline at cheap prices.

The Bestselling Christian Books


Offline and online Christian bookstores have many Bible teaching books and faith-based novels that make it difficult to select the best book. However, there are the bestselling Christian books that you should consider the next time you shop for Christian books.

Here is a list of the bestselling Christian books.


Jesus Calling

This book by Sarah Young is the top-selling Christian book. It contains extraordinary spiritual and thought-provoking day-to-day devotionals. The text is written in a first-person narrative in Jesus perspective that makes you feel like Jesus is talking to you.

Wild at Heart

John Eldredge is a motivational speaker, a philosopher, and the writer of this book. The book contains realistic and honest views about women, men, church, and heart. The goal of this book is to persuade men to get back to salvation.

The Love Dare

The movie Fireproof inspired Stephen and Alex Kendrick to write this book. The book has been successful in solving marriage problem and strengthening relationships between spouses. It urges people to establish the lead of their heart rather than follow their hearts.

Choosing to See

Mary Beth Chapman shares her life experiences after she lost her five-year-old daughter. She shares her struggles with marriage, clinical depression, and skepticism towards the plans of God. How she made it through her struggles gives you hope in living a fulfilling life in Christ by seeing his plans over your life.

These bestselling Christian books get you close to Jesus, strengthen your marital relationships and restore your hope during difficult times.

Reasons Why Christian Based Books Sell than Others

The book selling industry is one of the most profitable in the world. If you doubt that statistics, take a look at the number of authors that have released books into the market over the last three months. Here are some of the main reasons why Christian based books are more profitable.


Wide Audience

Unlike in the past when most people preferred conventional or fiction books, most of the people who love reading books nowadays are more interested in Christian based books. Hence, you are more likely to make sales if you sit down and write an interesting Christian book than you would by publishing a fictional book.

Relate Well With the Audience

One of the main reasons why most people do not purchase novels and magazines is because the writers and editors are out of touch with the audience. On the contrary, the Christian based books relate better with the audience because they describe some of the common problems that people face every day such as unemployment, marriage issues, political crises and the list continues.

More Valuable

The Christian books are not time limited. That is, the books can be read by any generation and for decades. For instance, the bible has been a popular book to most Christian for centuries and the message is still the same. The books are not rewritten or changed in any way. The fictional books are only valuable for a few decades, because most people get bored with the stories.

Indeed, publishing a Christian book is a viable idea that you should try out sometime.

How to Write an Award Winning Christian Book

Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world followed by Muslim. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 churches in the world and this number keeps increasing. This means that you can make money by writing a Christian based book and marketing to this audience. One way of doing this is by advertising the book online or investing in a website to get orders from all across the globe.

Here are some tips on how to write the book.

christian books


First, you will need to identify a gap in the market and come up with ways of filling it. For instance, if you realize that there are limited books that talk about faith and God’s love, go ahead, and write a book that discusses the two topics. You will need to do some background research to find real stories that you can incorporate in your book to make it sound real and actionable.

Language to Use

This is dependent on the audience that you want to reach out using the book. To make maximum sales, it is wise to print the book in one language then translate it into different languages. There are book publishers who have the equipment required to translate and print the book in different languages. However, you might have to pay an extra translation fee.

Finally, make sure that all details are factual and provable. You do not want your book to be listed as unreligious, do you?

Tips for Selling Christian Books Online

If you are in the business of selling Christian related books online, you will be happy to know that there is a way of reducing your operating costs by selling the books online. Today we look at some proven tips on how to sell Christian books over the internet.

Christian Book

Post Images

This basically refers to taking a picture of the book that you are selling and posting it on social media platforms. Some of the customers might not buy it online, instead, they will use the picture to shop for the book in a physical bookshop, and this is a plus to your business.

Use your Email

If you have a group of Christians who are most likely to purchase the books, go ahead and ask for their email addresses. Send them a review of the book to give them an idea on what to expect if they purchase the book. However, the email should not be spamy, maintain professionalism at all times.

Post Book Review Online

Most of the people are very cautious about the books they purchase online. This is because there are resellers who post fake reviews in a bid to lure customers to purchase the books. To avoid this, it is recommendable to write the review personally and post it on your blog or any other platform that your target audience can access.

Finally, consider listing the book on a number of online ecommerce sites. Note that the management might need some verification documents before listing the book for sale on the site, hence, have them ready when apply.