Reasons Why Christian Based Books Sell than Others

The book selling industry is one of the most profitable in the world. If you doubt that statistics, take a look at the number of authors that have released books into the market over the last three months. Here are some of the main reasons why Christian based books are more profitable.


Wide Audience

Unlike in the past when most people preferred conventional or fiction books, most of the people who love reading books nowadays are more interested in Christian based books. Hence, you are more likely to make sales if you sit down and write an interesting Christian book than you would by publishing a fictional book.

Relate Well With the Audience

One of the main reasons why most people do not purchase novels and magazines is because the writers and editors are out of touch with the audience. On the contrary, the Christian based books relate better with the audience because they describe some of the common problems that people face every day such as unemployment, marriage issues, political crises and the list continues.

More Valuable

The Christian books are not time limited. That is, the books can be read by any generation and for decades. For instance, the bible has been a popular book to most Christian for centuries and the message is still the same. The books are not rewritten or changed in any way. The fictional books are only valuable for a few decades, because most people get bored with the stories.

Indeed, publishing a Christian book is a viable idea that you should try out sometime.

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