The Bestselling Christian Books


Offline and online Christian bookstores have many Bible teaching books and faith-based novels that make it difficult to select the best book. However, there are the bestselling Christian books that you should consider the next time you shop for Christian books.

Here is a list of the bestselling Christian books.


Jesus Calling

This book by Sarah Young is the top-selling Christian book. It contains extraordinary spiritual and thought-provoking day-to-day devotionals. The text is written in a first-person narrative in Jesus perspective that makes you feel like Jesus is talking to you.

Wild at Heart

John Eldredge is a motivational speaker, a philosopher, and the writer of this book. The book contains realistic and honest views about women, men, church, and heart. The goal of this book is to persuade men to get back to salvation.

The Love Dare

The movie Fireproof inspired Stephen and Alex Kendrick to write this book. The book has been successful in solving marriage problem and strengthening relationships between spouses. It urges people to establish the lead of their heart rather than follow their hearts.

Choosing to See

Mary Beth Chapman shares her life experiences after she lost her five-year-old daughter. She shares her struggles with marriage, clinical depression, and skepticism towards the plans of God. How she made it through her struggles gives you hope in living a fulfilling life in Christ by seeing his plans over your life.

These bestselling Christian books get you close to Jesus, strengthen your marital relationships and restore your hope during difficult times.

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