Selling Christian Books to Heating Companies

The number of heating companies keeps on increasing on a daily basis. This is due to the high demand for this kind of books. Just like any other market, increase in demand has resulted in an increase in the number of stores that sell this kind of books.

Just last week, The Heating Cooling Co. contacted us last week to help us supply christian based book to their personnel. The main objective of this move is to empower them as most of them get little or no chance to go to church on Sunday.


We met with the company officials to discuss the fine details of the order one week before the set timeline and agreed on what needed to be done. Most of the books that they ordered are best selling in most of the stores and are written by renowned authors who are known globally for their exceptional writing skills and ability convey information in a simple language.

In total, they order 200 books as each personnel was to get two copies. First, it is important to point out that this is one of the largest orders that we have ever received. We earned approximately $2,000 in profits from this deal.

Professionalism, diligence and transparency are some of the main attributes that our services are founded on. So, we did not hide any details from the company and they had no problem with our pricing as long as we delivered quality and genuine books.

After signing the agreement, we went ahead and contacted our publisher whom we have been working with for the last three years. We gave him all the details of the order and he got down to work immediately. Within two weeks, he had printed all the books and delivered them to our offices.


We inspected the books and after confirming that all the books in the list were in the package, we ringed the HVAC company and set up a meeting. On the set date, we carried all the books in our modern van and delivered them.

The furnace repair experts were very happy with the quality of the books that we delivered and promised to order more in the coming days.In fact, one of the officials was of the idea that the company be giving out the books as gifts to the personnel on a yearly basis. If that happens, this accredited AC repair service provider will be one of our main clients.


Working with this company was fun, their personnel were very friendly and supportive. We wish them all the best in all their endeavors and may the almighty God guide them.

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