Nipa H. Syed

images1YNJB1UHFor years I studied as an apprentice as a electrical engineering.  Then one day I was on my way to south America for holiday when I was taken slightly off course by a layover in Dallas.  Where I met a upcoming actor.

He was wonderfully humble and super nice.  We first started talking when I had accidentally spilled my crackers on in his lap, I started to profusely apologize for the mishap.  He stating that he liked mug accent asked me where I was from, then we just hit it off.

This actor was an older man, he told me how for years he tried and tried to break into the acting world always to be turned down or given roles that was insignificant.  However he never gave up.  He took jobs and supported himself by working as a virtual assistant.   An online position that allowed him to have flexibility an diet his own hours while make more than enough money to support himself.

I had to ask, why not just give up and go a different route?  I am sure it took a lot of toll on his self esteem to continue to keep being rejected.

He explain that you have to have hope and stove for what you are most passionate about.  That to live a meaningless and passionless life seem like a more tragic way to live then to receive a bit of rejection in life.  That nothing in life worth having hardly ever comes easy.

This got me thinking on my own life, if I really wanted to be an electrician.   I mean I know it was a secure job to have but was it something I really wanted or something that I knew I would be great at?

After some consideration I decked to pursue my long interest of becoming a firefighter.  For years I have been to become a fire fighter but was always talked out if from concern friends and family.

Not I feel informant to do so.

Nipa H. Syed is a mother of four, she lives with her husband Hakim along why their three cats in Vancouver, Canada.  She enjoys traveling, writing, and wiring when she is not busy saving lives s a firefighter.

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