Go Ahead Change the Curtains

thFNJ0MOYPThe time is now. As it is say, there is not time like the present. Change is something we all must endure many times in our lives. First, it is our conception, then our birth, the changes from infantry to adulthood and all that is in between. Yes, change is something everything and everything has in common. One of the few things that is guaranteed in this life.

Some people think to change is difficult. That it takes a lot of time and effort. That usually it is not warranted nor is it without pain. However, change can be a great thing a great thing indeed. Full of wonder and promised.

What is better when it comes to home décor, change is an accepted alternative. Following the trend is not always a great option but every once in a while it is nice to change things up a bit. To try something new. Maybe put new curtains in or whatever. There are many options, many alternatives that are inexpensive and easy for any novice to do with efficiently.

One of the greatest and easiest thing to do to change the ambience of any room is to change the color of the paint of the wall. Just like that, it can transport you to another part of the world depending of the colors that you have chosen. So simple that many people overlook the importance of a couple coats of paint. The light will be reflected differently off the walls, the mood altered, and the feelings evoked in the room a little different. Yes, paint is always the best place when it comes to changing a home.

The next mood changer to tackle is the changing of the window dressing. Trust me there are a millions of pitons out there available to you. For anyone’s budget and aspirations. It was wonderful. Curtains, valances, blinds, there is no limits to what a person can imagine.

What is even better is that curtains are easy to make your own. Real simple indeed. The greatest advantage to creating your own is you can match your color scheme all around you. It will also allow you to make custom curtains. If your house is like mine then the windows may not be able to be dress by what is available in the stores. The only way to ensure this is by creating your own curtains.

For those that are a little more experience or simply a bit more brave: another great to change up the feel of your home is to change the lighting. By heading to your local hardware store this can be simply done. All lightening comes with instructions as to how to install it. What to look for, which wire goes where, and which to ground.

These changes are reflect the home; some may say there are superficial. I say that the home is where one heart is, it is where we can go to at the end of the day. A place that we are allowed to live how we see fit. To have it feel, look, smell, and even run beautifully is not something that is too prosperous to ask for, why go to the bother of having a shelter if to not make it personal. All day a person may spend his or her time out in the world dealing with the elements. Some warranted but many are not. When the call to come home commences it is worth it if that destination is a pleasant one.

Take Care

An air conditioning unit is a very expensive investment. One that can last many years or not. Depending on the amount of time one puts into the upkeep and maintenance of the unit. However, how do you take care of it? How can a person maintain the air unit so that it increases its longevity? The amount of money that a person must shelve out for a decent unit nowadays makes minting and servicing a smart move.

There are many ways and tips to there that if properly implemented it will keep your air conditioning functionally properly for many years to come. Smoothly and efficiently.

Here are a few sure-fire tips and tricks to ensure that your air conditioner will run long and clean. Keeping you and your cool for many summers to come. Because there is nothing worse than coming home after a hot summer, day and your house feel like the inside of a furnace. So take these tips and do not hesitate using each one.

Keep the unit debris free.

Leaves, dirt’s, trash and debris will create a hard working unit that will cause it to work harder than it is supposed to and need to. Making sure that the area around the unit is cleared and protected. I often suggested people build some type of enclosure around it like a decretive fence. Once a week clean it with a pressure air courtesy of an air compressor gun.

Have it serviced regularly.

This seems as though it is simple and honestly, it is just common sense. However, have the air conditioning unit or units if it is a commercial building service regularly. Find a reputable HVAC technician come out and work their magic. Usually this service should include a cleaning, duct inspection, full service inspections, removal and replacement of all filters and broken hoses.

This leads me to my next tip:

Change filters and hoses.

Faithfully change the filters and any crack or broken hose. This is true for both an air conditioning unit and the good old trustee furnace. The air filters and hoses is the place where the air is pulled and circulated through the machine. When these two things are clogged then it causes it to over work. Not to mention the filter purifies the air within your home. When it is clogged not only are you breathing contaminated and disgusting air but also you are also creating an unsafe breathing environment for all persons in the home. Increasing the changes of allergies, sinus infections, repertory infections and complications.

Each one of these things are necessary in giving your unit its best chance of cooling your home and business.   Allowing helping it keep your home cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

Do your air and heating units a favor follow my go to tips for an efficiently run matching. They are trusted all over. As a gold member of the Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling Association of America, I know what I am talking about because this is my life.

Fun in the Snow

th9DT2PAJ0I love the snow! I know many people were ecstatic during those warm December days. I still have trouble believing that we even experience something like a warm day in December. Well, anyway as I was saying, many people relished those days, the lack of snow and ice. Yes, folks were thanking their lucky stars. Meanwhile I was I praying every day for some fresh powder.

Do not get me wrong I love summer, simply tickled by spring, and full of delight in fall. However, there is nothing like enjoying that fresh fallen snow. Especially when it coats everything in a sparkly white blanket. I smile just thinking about it.

Oh, yes, nothing like some fresh snow.

To think of all the activities that is only available doing this time of year. Snowboarding, one of my personal favas, skiing, ice-skating on a pond, sledding down a big hill! Each one of those great experience requires that it is COLD outside. Not sixty plus degree without a dream of a snowflake.

Now that we have some real snow. Real snow, that nice, thick, and fluffy I have been planning what I will do this weekend to celebrate its appearance. There are some many ideas floating around in my head, each one sounding better than the next. What to do, what to do

I realize that some folks will read this and totally disagree. Wishing that they lived in some type of tropical paradise or something. Some folks living in a tropical paradise will question my sanity. I am sure of this; however, I am not crazy. Just give me a chance and I will prove that there is great fun to be had in the land of snow and ice.

The most obvious way to enjoy such weather is skiing. It is fun and exciting. Speeding down the slope, wind whistling past your ear, the wind burning a red glaze to your cheeks. Man, if you have never been skiing then you do not know what you are missing. It is a total adrenaline rush. One that you will not soon forget.

If you cannot afford to go to a ski lodge, then do the next best thing: sledding! I do not care if you are four or forty-four, sledding is the cat’s meow. A cheap physical activity is sure to excite anyone. Let me tell you; do not feel as though you need a super expensive sled or toboggan. I remember the first time I sled down a hill. We were visiting my grandparents up north. At the time, my family and I lived in Texas. Where I have never seen, touch, or experience. Other than what I saw on the movie screen.

My grandparents did not have enough sled to accommodate all of the grandkids. My uncle decided to be creative and transform an old kiddie pool to a sled. I even remember zipping down the hill on a trash can lid! Super fun and super-fast,

This next one may not be an activity, at least not in the sense of the previous ones, but nothing goes better on a nice cold day then a piping hot mug of hot cocoa! Especially if it is topped with whipped cream or marshmallows. This is something that only the truly cold can appreciate. The warm, sweet, slightly bitter, velvety smoothness caressing your throat. Warming you up from the inside out. Just plain luxurious. I mean there is no other way to explain it.

The next you look outside your window and the world is covered in the white stuff, do not sigh but rejoice in the greatness before you!